Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Issue Three: Errand of War

The Story So Far...
Admiral Kirk and company are assigned to figure out why and how the Klingons are making hit and run incursions along the Klingon Neutral Zone.  Kirk discovers a hidden wormhole that is harboring a Klingon battlestation. Kirk collapses the wormhole, exposing the Klingons. They self-destruct when its apparent that their mission has failed. Shortly afterwards, the Klingon Emporer Kahless IV declares war on the Federation for Kirk's actions...
And so now we're ready for issue 3!

As soon as Kahless IV ends his transmission we see that he's acting against his own will.  It appears that he's being possessed or controlled by....

Do you know who it is? Long time fans of the tv series, those of us who've watched the original 79 episodes over and over and over through the years will no doubt recognize the possessor as an Excaliban. Others may need a little filling in.  The Excalibans were featured in the episode "The Savage Curtain". Check that out, and then combined with the hints sprinkled throughout this issue it'll be readily apparent what's going on here.
Kirk is mighty puzzled by the Klingons pronouncement of war.  Specifically why in blazes the Organians have done NOTHING to curb the hostilities and re-impose the order they forced on both sides to begin with.  Kirk rings up Grand Admiral Stephen Turner to confirm what he's just seen and heard.
Turner not only confirms that war has been declared but then he gives Kirk a Holy WTF! moment by commanding him to go guard the Federation side of the ROMULAN Neutral Zone! Kirk protests, wanting instead to B-line it to Organia to see what's going on.  Turner pointedly shoots that idea out of the water and sends Kirk on his way. When the discussion between Turner and Kirk is over we see that the same alien forces that are pulling the Klingon's strings are also pulling the Federation's strings.
Meanwhile, aboard the Enterprise, we find that Konom the wounded Klingon deserter from the last issue and Ensign Bryce have developed an unlikely friendship during Konom's recovery.  Bryce gives Konom a tour of one of the Enterprises Botanical gardens.We discover that Ensign Bryce's first name is Nancy.  It becomes readily apparent that she is a romantic interest for Konom and someone with whom he can discover the nature of his true self. This is all fine and dandy for them but it causes quite a nasty stir with other members of the crew, particularly with Ensign Bearclaw who decides to do something about it.

Back in Kirk's quarters he and Bones are talking over a drink about the current Klingon/Federation war. Kirk feels that something is entirely out of place, that he should be going to Organia and sorting it all out with them.  Bones asks what's stopping Kirk from following his instincts....surely not "orders".  Besides, when has that ever stopped him before? Kirk hardily agrees.  Kirk tells Sulu to make for Organia with all possible haste.  Just then, Grand Admiral Turner sends a propaganda video to be shown ship-wide on the Enterprise of a Klingon incursion on a small Federation outpost.

Many of the crew wig out at this news and focus their anger on Konom and Nancy Bryce. It nearly starts a riot.  Konom and Nancy are running for their lives when security show up to save the day!

Meanwhile, the Enterprise shows up at Organia to find that the planet is either NOT there or else it's being blanketed by some as yet unknown technology or force. Shortly after the Enterprise's arrival 2 Klingon Battle Cruisers appear and a skirmish ensues.  Admiral Kirk gets the upper hand and beams the survivors from the one remaining Klingon Battle Cruiser aboard the Enterprise. He is confronted by his old foe Captain Kor (Who has undergone the whole "bumpy forehead" upgrade that Klingons have sported since Star Trek The Motion Picture). Kirk and Kor exchange a few barbs and accusations before both finally get down to business.  The Federation has been fed a line of propaganda about Klingons and the Klingons have been fed propaganda against the Federation. Kor has been sent to guard Organia from the Federation while Admiral Kirk has been given explicit orders to stay AWAY from Organia. The two old adversaries at last agree that something is waaaay out of kilter. It's at this moment that the Excaliban shows up and tells Kirk and Kor that the drama must continue or both will meet a swift demise!  Stay tuned next post for issue four as the story continues with UNLIKELY ALLIES.