Friday, February 4, 2011

Star Trek The Original Series As Presented in DC Comics: Issue by Issue

I am a 41 year old Star Trek fanatic who particularly enjoys collecting Star Trek comics.  My favorite Star Trek comics were the two runs DC Comics did from February 1984 to November of 1988 and then from October of 1989 to February of 1996. I actually prefer the first series DC did to the second series for no particular reason other than nostalgia, I suppose.
I remember waiting for each new issue with a lot of anticipation. After I read the comic I'd bag it and put it in a box that I stored in my closet. Over the years I've read those comics countless times. They've brought me a lot of geeky happiness.  Unfortunately, outside of my personal enjoyment the comics have done nothing over the years but sit there on a shelf in a box getting a little older a year at a time. That is, until now.
Some time back I accidentally stumbled across the Marvel Star Wars blog that looked back at the original Marvel Comics Star Wars series issue by issue from 1977 to 1986. I thought that was a damn cool idea. It made me think: I could do something like that with my Star Trek collection.  It would be fun to relive those memories and share my comic books with old fans and new fans alike.  It would breathe new life into my comic book collection which is just otherwise sitting there in the dark waiting for me to visit it again. 
So, that's what this blog is about: Sharing my Star Trek comics and memories with you. Hopefully we'll all have a good time.  Let's get started, shall we?